Remote maintenance against standstill

Gerlach stands for quality and has been convincing for more than 40 years with its high performance and high-quality machines for hot-air vulcanization. For our customers, robust and high-performance products finally mean low-maintenance machines that are less susceptible to failures.

Nevertheless, customer service is not only one of our utmost concerns. It is also a further characteristic of comprehensive quality service that Gerlach is well known for.

Therefore, all Gerlach machines are generally prepared for remote maintenance access. Remote access is made via the Siemens SPS configuration software.

Our specialized team of five technicians and three electrical engineers is thus able to access the system parameters remotely and start a fault analysis. Any faults that occur can be localized, the cause investigated, and remedial measures initiated. This reduces machine downtime to a minimum.

Personal coaching for more competence

First, customer operators and technicians receive intensive on-site training from our commissioning team for each of our systems. This has the great advantage that your employees can undertake minor maintenance work on their own. In the event of more far-reaching problems, they can quickly and competently follow the instructions from our technicians. With the expert online support many error messages can be easily corrected. The entire service process is simplified by redundant machine operating concepts, which control individual machines in the overall line concept even from adjacent machines. For urgent on-site operations our service team will be at your side at short notice with support and advice.

In addition, our customers now could use another powerful tool to receive fast and uncomplicated support in the case of malfunctions.

Here Gerlach cooperates with a strong partner: Oculavis.

Global Live Support – Gerlach works with Oculavis


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Oculavis Share’s technology enables professional support of our experts via live video transmission. The innovative software solution offers the possibility of problem solving via smartphone, tablet or data glasses – as if our technician were on-site.

Using our support platform, our experts can contact you at the factory and solve the problem together with your technical staff. It is also possible for our support team to combine this support with the remote access via VPN to carry out remote maintenance.

In this way you can send important machine documents and further information on the existing problem situation to our support – help is immediate!

Thanks to the Oculavis Share platform, you can get quick help anywhere in the world – no matter whether you have a question about the settings of our machines or a technical problem.

Fast support thanks to Oculavis – use live remote maintenance with one click

Via our support area, our customers can conveniently register for support via Oculavis by creating a user account. Thus, you will receive fast support for your technical questions about our machines at any time.

Would you like to learn more about Oculavis and our service? Here you will find further information about your advantages and the functionality of Oculavis. Would you like to register as an Oculavis user? Then you can register in our support area!

Hot air shock channel type 111

With the diverse options of our hot-air shock channel type 111, we offer a compact and flexible unit. By using special materials, shock temperatures of up to 550 °C can be generated. The accelerated hot air flowing turbulently in the duct generates the fastest possible heat transfer. For further performance improvement, all our pre-shock variants can be optionally added.

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Cooling channel type 179

Specially designed surge nozzles characterize our cooling channel type K179. Even in extremely polluted and calcareous water, the cooling function is maintained by the permanent water flow. Additional stowages allow the profile to be submerged and guarantee good heat dissipation. The built-in blow-off stations with rigid and flexible nozzle systems ensure perfect drying even for complicated profiles. The use of heat exchangers for connecting existing cooling systems is self-evident.

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Removal caterpillar BA 400

Suitable for the continuous withdrawal of rubber profiles (with and without steel reinforcement), hoses or smaller plastic profiles.

Belt extractor BA 400, developed for a flexible production process, ensuring safety regulations in accordance with EU directives. A comprehensive safety concept protects man and machine against injuries and damage.

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SHF 147

With the integrated exhaust air purification (PCT) and the tried and tested recirculation system, the SHF 147 shock channel is an efficient high-performance system. Designed for high production speeds, this plant technology is predominantly used in automotive profile extrusion. The modular construction in 3 m zones consisting of shock, microwave and hot air zones is supplemented by additional options, such as selective profile transport via driven rollers or conveyor belt, as well as other additional functions. As a result, you get a smooth and matte profile surface, fine cell structure with moss rubber, as well as fast solidification of the profile geometry.

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Pre-shock type P 158

Through the use of special short-wave infrared radiators, excellent profile surfaces as well as early dimensional stability with solid and moss rubber products are achieved. Characteristic for this machine is the radiator arrangement in four different planes and thereby a selective possibility of the 360 ° pre-crosslinking of the product. The machine equipment and very good power modulation, in the range 0 – 100%, enable high flexibility in production operation. For the support of the profile, removable guide rollers can be used with the possibility of an axial distance adjustment depending on the profile sag. The IR radiators are protected in all levels by special glass panes and the integrated cooling also ensures an increase in the service life.

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