Vulcanization equipment of the extra class

GERLACH  Maschinenbau is an international company and THE manufacturer of machines for hot-air vulcanization. Our innovative plants are successfully used in many rubber processing industries.

The base material in the industrial production of gaskets is natural or synthetic rubber. In many daily applications, we find rubber coatings, in the automotive, industrial, construction and civil engineering sectors. Elastomeric seals are successfully used in a variety of fields due to their properties.

Due to the modular machine design and the use of different treatment stages, excellent product surfaces and properties are achieved at high material throughputs. GERLACH machines are suitable for the vulcanization of synthetic rubber, natural rubber and silicone rubber.

The protection of natural resources is a must for us!

Our environmentally friendly machines combine an efficient heat transfer with an exhaust air purification (PCT). We are the only company in the industry whose plants do not pollute the environment with either hydrocarbon nor odour emissions. The environment remains largely free of pollutants and odours. At the same time, the environmentally friendly GERLACH plants have unprecedented energy efficiency at high production rates.

Awards and certificates

ÖKOPROFIT district of Viersen

Certificate of successful participation in the ÖKOPROFIT 2016 project

Josef L. Rameckers Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG and Gerlach Maschinenbau GmbH

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Quality Management DIN ISO 9001

Use Certified Partners to ensure the highest level of safety, accuracy and quality.

Gerlach Maschinenbau GmbH relies on Quality Management DIN ISO 9001 when it comes to the design and construction of machines for rubber and plastics production with the fields of design, planning, machining, sheet metal processing, electrical engineering, final assembly and service as well as trade in machines and accessories.

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