The UHF-Box 205 solution. The trend-setting addition to existing vulcanization and production lines.

The UHF Box 205 is the bigger sibling of your UHF Module 201. The Box. is equipped with 2 UHF units of 3 kW power and has some incredible features. Although it is the UHF Module 201’s sibling, it is far more than just a copy of it. Its purpose its quite different, so are it characteristics.
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The Box also offers focused microwave technology in a compact design with unprecedented and novel features.
This new type of microwave enables high energy densities, which are locally targeted into the product.

Unlike the UHF Module 201, the UHF Box 205 captivates by its two independent UHF units that can be adjusted and that position reproduced anytime you produce the respective profile.

This may help to increase your production and quality goals by targeting the UHF energy where it is needed most.

But how is it done?

The UHF units are offset from each other and rotatably mounted. This allows 360° coverage of critical areas in profiles. Even areas shadowed from metal cores or products with mixtures of different polarities can be targeted and heated.

The box operates with guided wave technology, where even low-polarity mixtures can be heated efficiently by focusing the microwave radiation.

The already mentioned process reproducibility is ensured by the integrated recipe management. According to this, you store the positions of the UHF units and the required outputs depending on the product and the required production speed.


You can use the UHF box flexibly wherever additional UHF heating is needed. Due to its compact design, it is quickly ready for use without major installation effort.

You can easily move it with a forklift or a pallet truck and change its position within your vulcanization line. Find out if a microwave must stand at the beginning of the process or is perhaps more efficient for some products in the middle of the line or near to the end. The switch cabinet is on lockable casters and can be taken along easily.

Energy was never easier been brought into your products. Use the UHF box to focus where the UHF radiation will have the biggest effect and control a heating process that was previously difficult to control.

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