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GERLACH Maschinenbau GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes special-purpose machines for the rubber and automotive supplier industry. In addition to the high in-depth production, GERLACH also performs the entire development and the machine distribution. The further development of complex elastomer products, increasing demands on environmentally friendly and efficient production processes are tasks which we happily accept and provide solutions for. A complete production line is available to our research and development department to test our innovations for practicality. Customer mixes and moulding dies are also used for the validation process to provide proof of the production creation with continuous production.

We are committed to strategic partnerships

From the idea to the production phase we cooperate with independent and scientific partners. Already at the very early phase of the manufacturing process, we rely on the experience and competence of renowned institutes. TÜV Rheinland, for example, carries out series accompanying measurements at our production site. GERLACH works together with colleges and universities on joint research projects, to make the machines even more efficient and resource-saving. Close cooperation exists with the University of Paderborn. Last year, the expert magazine GAK published a paper on the topic of “Holistic energy concept for hot-air vulcanisation using innovative air guidance and heat transfer”.

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A strategic partnership also exists with TROESTER in Hanover. Our cooperation partner TROESTER has a location in Cuyahoga Falls in the USA. The photo was taken at the inauguration of the new production line and shows Jens Möckel, Managing Director GERLACH Maschinenbau and Mike Neubauer, President & CEO of TROESTER Machinery, Ltd. In the USA


Hot air shock channel type 111

With the diverse options of our hot-air shock channel type 111, we offer a compact and flexible unit. By using special materials, shock temperatures of up to 550 °C can be generated. The accelerated hot air flowing turbulently in the duct generates the fastest possible heat transfer. For further performance improvement, all our pre-shock variants can be optionally added.

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Cooling channel type 179

Specially designed surge nozzles characterize our cooling channel type K179. Even in extremely polluted and calcareous water, the cooling function is maintained by the permanent water flow. Additional stowages allow the profile to be submerged and guarantee good heat dissipation. The built-in blow-off stations with rigid and flexible nozzle systems ensure perfect drying even for complicated profiles. The use of heat exchangers for connecting existing cooling systems is self-evident.

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Removal caterpillar BA 400

Suitable for the continuous withdrawal of rubber profiles (with and without steel reinforcement), hoses or smaller plastic profiles.

Belt extractor BA 400, developed for a flexible production process, ensuring safety regulations in accordance with EU directives. A comprehensive safety concept protects man and machine against injuries and damage.

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SHF 147

With the integrated exhaust air purification (PCT) and the tried and tested recirculation system, the SHF 147 shock channel is an efficient high-performance system. Designed for high production speeds, this plant technology is predominantly used in automotive profile extrusion. The modular construction in 3 m zones consisting of shock, microwave and hot air zones is supplemented by additional options, such as selective profile transport via driven rollers or conveyor belt, as well as other additional functions. As a result, you get a smooth and matte profile surface, fine cell structure with moss rubber, as well as fast solidification of the profile geometry.

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Pre-shock type P 158

Through the use of special short-wave infrared radiators, excellent profile surfaces as well as early dimensional stability with solid and moss rubber products are achieved. Characteristic for this machine is the radiator arrangement in four different planes and thereby a selective possibility of the 360 ° pre-crosslinking of the product. The machine equipment and very good power modulation, in the range 0 – 100%, enable high flexibility in production operation. For the support of the profile, removable guide rollers can be used with the possibility of an axial distance adjustment depending on the profile sag. The IR radiators are protected in all levels by special glass panes and the integrated cooling also ensures an increase in the service life.

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