Stand-Alone Microwave Module

Do you need more microwave power for your vulcanization process, or are you planning to retrofit existing equipment with microwaves?

The new developed and self-sufficient functioning microwave module offers you the right solution. It can be integrated into any Gerlach hot air system and thus offers a fast and flexible extension of your existing equipment.

Characteristic of the new UHF module is the compact design, as well as the completely self-sufficient power supply and UHF operation. Hereby, the module can be used as a laboratory and test device or it can be considered in new machine configurations in the desired number. Depending on the total power requirement, the number of UHF modules can be installed and assembled as required within the overall machine in the correct position.


Key machine features of the UHF module

  • compact and self-sufficient construction
  • independent power supply and module operation
  • subsequent UHF extension to old machines possible
  • number of modules freely configurable
  • can be used as a laboratory or series machine


Modul Mikrowellentechnologie Erweiterung Ausbau Maschinenbau

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