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In 2021 we started our webinar series with great success.

In 2022, we have made a relaunch of our online seminars.

In both years, the participants were inspired and had the opportunity for open questions and discussions around the topic of vulcanization. On this occasion, we would like to thank the participants once again for their active engagement in the last two years.

Because of this extremely positive resonance, we have decided to relaunch our webinar series in 2023. We are targeting these webinars at those who were unable to attend the last years and anyone else who has not heard of our webinars and would like to learn more about the basics of continuous vulcanization with hot air, microwave radiation and our latest developments on these topics.

The webinars should take place in March, June and September.

We will be providing exact information about the webinars during the year in time prior to the dates. However, we appreciate any registrations in advance.

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"The Basics of Continuous Curing of Extruded Rubber and Silicone Products"

About this webinar

After all, the crucial questions for all vulcanization processes are to achieve a flawless, dependable, and reproducible result:

  • What is the fastest way to get the heat into my product?
  • What is the most economical and efficient way to heat up my product?
  • How do I get this heat into my product evenly?

Our first free online seminar this year will deal with “The basics of continuous curing of extruded rubber and silicone products” and may help answer these questions.

If you are interested in this webinar and would like to participate, please send an e-mail to webinar@rameckersgroup.com or use our form. You will then receive a confirmation and the access link.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our webinar.

"Microwave Vulcanization"

About this webinar

Join this online seminar to learn about the latest advancements in vulcanization of rubber and silicone profiles using microwave radiation. Our expert speaker will present the benefits of this innovative method, including faster processing times, improved product quality, and reduced energy consumption. Discover how this technology can revolutionize your manufacturing processes and increase your bottom line. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the rubber and silicone industry. Register now to secure your spot!

"Hot Air Vulcanization"

About this webinar
Don't miss our third online seminar on the latest hot air vulcanization devices for rubber and silicone profiles with incredibly low power consumption. Join our expert speaker to learn about the advanced features of these devices, including precise temperature control, improved product quality, and increased productivity. Discover how this technology can help your business reduce energy costs and meet sustainability goals. Register now to learn about the future of vulcanization and stay ahead of the competition.

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